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Don’t get burned by red-hot metals—Trade your bullion for numismatic rarities
J Daniel Rare Coins pays full spot prices towards trade-ins on our inventory
  • We will take in trade your gold & silver bullion, gold coins, 90% & 40% silver coins at full spot price
  • Match any legitimate quote
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  • Buy numismatic rarities far below the PCGS Price Guide

We’re in the midst of the hottest—and most volatile—precious metals market in 28 years.  But metals are a hedge, not an investment.  This climate is similar to 1979/80 when gold and silver soared due to high oil prices, geopolitical unrest during an election year, market manipulation and a weak economy.

The skyrocket is fun on the way up, but investors get burned when prices adjust.  Gold and silver crashed over one-third by 1981 and have taken 28 years to recover.  Adjusted for inflation, a dollar invested in metals in 1980 is worth 64 cents today.

Protect yourself against downside risk and move into rare coins,
which have outperformed bullion by 1200% since 1980

We Buy at Kitco Spot Prices

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