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Our Coins

J Daniel has been a professional numismatist and an ANA Life Member since 1986, specializing in wholesale trade and portfolio management for long-term collector/investors.

Our Philosophy
We sell grade-guaranteed coins of the strictest standards from the only reputable Independent Grading Services: PCGS, NGC, ICG and ANACS.  These four services alone are acknowledged as legitimate throughout the industry and coins in their holders are traded as commodities.

Tomorrow's Rarities Today
Our specialty is high-grade, low population modern and classic rarities with the greatest potential for long-term appreciation.  We identify modern coins with a high Relative Rarity Index (RRI) that can be purchased for far less than 'classic' rarities today.

We pay the highest guaranteed prices for generic coins (90% & 40% silver, bullion, etc.) on a trade basis for our inventory of numismatic rarities.

$1 Morgan 1899/99 S Eliasberg
NGC Top 100 VAM 7
Unique: 1/1 Finest Known
SOLD FOR $ 33,000

$3 1876 Princess
Old PCGS Holder Proof 64
Population 1/6: none higher
SOLD FOR $ 62,250

$1 1993 Silver Eagle
NGC Certified First Strike MS 70
Unique: 1/1 Finest Known
ASKING $1 Million OBO
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