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An educated customer is a happy customer.  Here are a number of resources we recommend to expand your knowledge of coins as both a hobby and investment.

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Grading Services
Since their introduction in the 1980s, Grading Services have been the single greatest innovation in coin collecting, eliminating the differences of opinion about grading and authenticity.  As a result, coins have become a sound investment and the hobby has gained in prestige. The four leading grading services are:

“The Professional Coin Grading Service is a third-party appraisal service for grading rare coins. It determines the condition and authenticity of each coin it grades to provide consumers with an independent knowledgeable rating on which to judge the coin.  It was founded in 1986, and is located in Newport Beach, CA.”

“The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation is a provider of third-party coin grading services to numismatists. The company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida.  It is the official grading service of the American Numismatic Association.”
“ANACS, America’s Oldest Grading Service™ ANACS’ rich and noble history began in 1972.  It was created by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) with a mission to correct an urgent problem facing the coin hobby.”
“Independent Coin Grading is a truly independent third party grading service.  We grade, authenticate and encapsulate coins, medals and tokens from the U.S. and around the world.”

Industry Organizations
American Numismatic Association

American Numismatic Association

“The ANA is a century-old, not-for-profit educational association for collectors of coins, tokens, medals and paper money.” I have been ANA Life Member 3841 since 1986 and proudly follow the guidelines of the ANA Code of Ethics.

Professional Numismatics Guild


“The PNG is a nonprofit organization composed of the world's top rare coin and paper money experts.  As numismatic professionals, our primary mission is to make the hobby safe for collectors and investors by maintaining rigid standards of excellence for our member dealers.” The PNG membership contains many of the biggest dealers in the industry, and all that connotes: it is a large organization with a lot of politics.  I like the site for its information sources.
Coin Information
Pricing Tools
PCGS Price Guide

US Coin Values Advisor.Com
“The Trusted Guide to US Coin Value Trends”
Absolutely brilliant site, with free pricing history on most classic rarities back to 1950.

Live feeds of bullion prices, historical charts and buying resources.

Collectors Society
Part of NGC, they offer NumisMedia pricing on a subscription basis.

The Case for Investing in Key Date Modern US Coins
The most comprehensive article ever written on investing in US Modern Rarities, by Eric Jordan.  Brilliant work and a must-read.
Morgan Dollars
Two of the fastest-growing specialty areas in coins are found in the Morgan/Peace Dollar series:  VAMs (Van Allen-Mallis Varieties) and DMPLs (Deep Mirror Prooflikes).

VAM World

DMPL Coins